The Matra-Passion club is a French association founded in 1986 and member of the “fédération française des véhicules d’époque” (French vintage vehicles federation)-member 1047.

The branded Club Matra-Passion is bent on saving, restoring and enhancing Matra cars from 1965 to 1984 value by gathering the owners together.
Therefore the club was created for Jet/Djet, Matra 530, Bagheera, Rancho and Murena owners.

The club gives priority to keep the original look and shape of the cars.

It brings together more than 220 members from the whole France, sometimes from abroad, and more than 375 Matra vehicles.

Eleven local delegates run the club in their local area : each one is the major contact of the members living in his area and organizes meetings, outings, rallys and shows.

Members have access to monthly published reports and magazines with previous and current articles, outings presentations and reviews, technical informations and class ads.
Matra Passion is also a living website with a very active forum : The Matra-Passion Forum

It helps the restoration and maintenance with the support of experts of their models always disposed to answer technical questions.

Technical informations, manuals of maintenance, and spare parts are available in the Club.


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